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Same-Sex City Hall Wedding Photographer

Dubnoff Photography was among the first San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographers to shoot Same-Sex weddings after it became legal in California at this amazing venue.  In fact, in the first full year, we photographed over 30 LGBT weddings!  We are now up to over 150 same-sex weddings creatively photographed.  We continue to enjoy being involved in this amazing photographic journey that has seen so many gay couples with long standing committed relationships finally get to make it legal.  One of our very first Gay / Lesbian weddings at San Francisco City Hall was a couple who had been together for over 47 years!  What a great experience that was. 

same-sex SF city hall wedding photographer

San Francisco Wedding Photography Tour for our LGBT Couples

We offer many packages to Gay Couples for a complete San Francisco City Hall wedding experience.  If you are eloping, you can choose our 1 hour "Eloping Couples" package which provides full coverage of your wedding and includes interior and exterior photos in the building.  For those who want a San Francisco adventure, please choose our "SF Tour" package which includes a full 4 hours of photographic coverage and includes 3 other locations throughout the city.  We even provide transportation for this fabulous San Francisco photo tour!  Many of our LGBTQ / Same-Sex couples like to take advantage of our mini-tour of San Francisco which we call our Golden Gate PLUS Package.  The package includes 2.5 hours of total city hall wedding coverage and a visit to one location in the city.  We normally spend about 1.5 hours at San Francisco city hall which allows us another hour to drive to the other location and do your photo shoot.  The cost for this package is only $895.  No matter what coverage you choose, we want to make sure your wedding day is fun and full of romance.  We want our time with you to be a positive experience with the end result of fantastic photographic memories.

Lesbian wedding fun at city hall

Gay and Lesbian Weddings in San Francisco

Same-Sex photography at the Palace of Fine Arts

Premiere City Hall Photographer with over 150 Same-Sex Weddings

We are one of the premiere San Francisco city hall wedding photographers currently shooting weddings at this amazing venue. We are an approved featured vendor at city hall which allows us to shoot private events, Saturday weddings and large week day civil ceremonies. To see more of our work, please go to our new full screen, HD City Hall website. We have been photographing weddings for over 20 years with 500 city hall weddings to our credit!  More specifically, close to 150 Lesbian / Gay weddings photographed with creativity and fun!  If you have questions about planning your LGBTQ wedding ceremony, feel free to contact us.  We will share our knowledge with you whether or not you plan on booking us.  We have helped many committed gay couples with wedding planning and scheduling.  Of course we would love it of you also booked us for your wedding if we are available.

gay grooms at the Cliffhouse in San Francisco

The Grand Staircase at San Francisco City Hall 

  2 brides kissing at city hall     LGBT girls wearing wedding shoes

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The Marriage Equality Act is where it all started and we have been happy to participate in this very important change in our laws.  We are looking forward to 2020 and helping more Gay couples celebrate their nuptials.

Step-by-Step Guide - City Hall Wedding Ceremony

Step 1. Arrive at City Hall - This part may seem easy, but it's probably the one thing that causes more problems than anything.  Couples tend to underestimate the time it takes to negotiate traffic, park and get through Security at San Francisco City Hall.  Please allow plenty of extra time before your scheduled ceremony.  Closed parking garages and extra long lines getting through city hall security can cause unexpected delays!  We strongly suggest aiming to arrive at least 45 minutes before your ceremony starting time.

Step 2. Check-in for your Ceremony - Head to the County Clerk's office (Room 168) about 15 minutes before your scheduled civil ceremony.  The clerk will usually allow you to check-in no sooner than 10 minutes before your ceremony.  Bring your current ID's and Marriage License.  Your witness can wait outside, this is just a check-in to make sure you have the necessary documentation to get married.  Once the City Hall County Clerk checks your information you will be issued a ceremony number and instructed to wait in the outer hall.

Step 3.  Meet your Deputy Commissioner - This is the time to bring in your witness and have them sign your marriage license.  Your officiant will discuss your impending nuptials and instruct your witness on the proper way to sign the license.   This meeting only takes about 3 minutes in most cases.  Do not bring your guests to this meeting, they will be asked to leave the room.

Step 4.  Head to the Ceremony Location - Once your meeting with the Deputy Marriage Commissioner is complete, you will be instructed to grab your guests and head up to the Rotunda for the marriage ceremony.  Unless of course you decided on the private room for your ceremony.  Occasionally your officiant may allow you to have the wedding at other locations around city hall.  If you are interested in this option, don't forget to ask during your meeting in the County Clerk's office.  They might just say yes!  NOTE:  The County Clerk is now enforcing the 6 guest limit, so if you have more  you may be asked to get married in the Private room.  Since May of 2019, groups  with over 6 guests are not allowed in the Rotunda area due to possible disruptions of City Business.  Despite the fact that the City Hall website includes your photographer in the guest limit, I have never seen this enforced.  I think it is safe to assume that you can have 6 guests plus the wedding photographer. 

Step 5. It's Time to Get Married! - Now that you have completed all of the steps leading up to the ceremony, it's time to enjoy your wedding!  Your Officiant will arrive and provide you with some brief instructions before performing your civil ceremony. Nothing major, just making sure you have your wedding rings ready and that everyone is properly positioned.  Don't forget to hire a professional wedding photographer!