About your Wedding Photographers

Michael Dubnoff has been shooting weddings throughout California both North and South for over 20 years. We have photographed well over 1,200 weddings in a creative style.  We try to involve our clients in the photo shoot if they are interested in providing input and ideas..  We want your final result to incorporate both traditional and photojournalistic pictures.    One of the things that truly sets us apart from many other wedding photographers is that we involve the couple in our art.  We talk to you during the shoot and ask you questions, involving you in the process.  If you are the type that would rather just sit back and relax, that's great too!   You will find us photographing weddings on a weekly basis in both the San Francisco Bay Area and Orange County.

Mike and Toni, your Orange County Wedding Photographers

About Us but also about You!

Every website you see has an "About Us" page and so does ours. Our brides and grooms want to know everything about the company that are paying their hard earned money too. We acknowledge the importance of this,  but what really should be emphasized is not all of our accolades and positive reviews.  Instead, the engaged couple should know how THEY will be taken care of and how THEY will benefit.  We do this by talking to our clients and making sue we know what they want.  We don't just force our photography plan on them for the day.  Of course,  we do have a vision for each wedding, but if our vision does not match yours then you won't be satisfied with the results.  So before  and during the wedding, make sure to communicate with you, ask questions and discover YOUR vision.  We want our wedding photography to be About You!

Experience and Calm

Our 20+ years of wedding photography experience will help your day be stress free.  We do everything we can to make your wedding day go smoothly. Your final images will show that you were relaxed and had a great time at your own wedding. This is more important than great poses and backgrounds, many of our couples tell us that working with us was the best part of their day.  Even though we are very proud of our many 5 star Yelp reviews, the fact is that we actually receive more compliments about our demeanor and friendliness than the quality of the photos.  Obviously these brides and grooms would not give us that high of a rating if they didn't also love their photos, but it says a lot about how we try to handle things that so many talk kindly about us in Orange County and beyond!

Exceptional Camera Equipment

We shoot with Nikon equipment and use some of the sharpest prime lenses ever made.  We also carry high powered, radio slaves to remotely fire our flashes.   When we need speed of use, we have a full compliment of Nikkor Zoom lenses including a 24-70 2.8, 16-35 4.0 and our old faithful 80-200 2.8.  Our Camera bodies include a Nikon D4s, D800, D800E, and a D7200.  We carry a full compliment of back up equipment, including flashes, camera bodies and extra lenses.  We are always upgrading our camera equipment to make sure we possess the latest innovations.  However, we are not obsessed with our equipment and recognize that main thing that matters is the wedding photographer. 

Fun Wedding Party Image

Bride and groom walking through the Grape Vineyards after the wedding

Best detail wedding image taken during bridal prep.