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About Your City Hall Wedding Photographers


Mike Dubnoff and Toni Bailey have over 30 years of wedding photography experience combined.  They are one of the premier San Francisco City Hall wedding photography teams currently photographing weddings at this beautiful venue.  You can find Mike and Toni at City Hall virtually ever week making weddings fun for their clients while taking amazing photographs. Their easy going style and upbeat attitude will make your wedding day at City Hall truly a memorable experience.  We think the experience of getting married is just as important as receiving quality wedding photographs.  If you don't enjoy the photography portion of your wedding day, you may also not enjoy looking back at your memories in the future when viewing the resulting photos.  It is important that both are true!


Their photography work has been published in local newspapers and national magazines. We were recently named one of top 10 wedding photographers in San Francisco. A recent City Hall wedding made it on to the pages of the J.Crew Website.  To see our featured wedding you can click this link:  J.Crew Real Weddings and scroll over to "Tracey and James".   We also have over 60 - 5 star Yelp reviews from both of our Yelp pages.  We were also chosen to by the City Hall Event department to provide photos for their full color marketing brochure. The event department also trusts us and has selected in the past to photograph major weddings at City Hall.  We were recently selected to photography the ex-mayor of Brisbane.  The wedding was officiated by former San Francisco Mayor, Willie Brown.  Click the link to to check out some of our City Hall Wedding Yelp Reviews.


All weddings are covered using a combination of photojournalism and traditional wedding photography.  We start with candid photos of  both of  you checking in at the County Clerk's office.   Any other activity among you and your guests in the hallway will also be captured if possible. Then we all head to your City Hall ceremony site (the Rotunda) and capture wonderful images of you saying your vows to each other.  Family photos (if any) are next and then we take you on a tour of San Francisco City Hall.  This is where the real fun begins!  We know the best spots  in the building to take advantage of beautiful light no matter what time of the day it is.  We pride ourselves on being flexible, accommodating and making your wedding photography experience one of the best parts of your special day.   Proper lighting and composition will be present in each of your final images.  In addition, we ask our couples if they have any special places they would like to be photographed.  We welcome clients from the LGBTQ community and all races and religions. 


We use professional camera equipment, arriving at each wedding with  Nikon Pro Digital Cameras (D4s and D750) and a Nikon  (D7200) backup.  We prefer fast prime lenses for most of our San Francisco city hall photography (20mm 1.8, 35mm 1.4, 85mm 1.4 and a 180mm 2.8) We also use fast zoom lenses when needed for their versatility and reach. We bring a full set of additional back-up equipment including flashes, lens, batteries, etc.   Equipment is important, but we don't dwell on it too much.  The magic in our images is created by working with our clients and getting the most out of the love they share for each other.  This is accomplished by keeping the mood light and having fun!  We do, however make sure we keep on top of the latest trends in photographic equipment technology and update if needed.

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