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Orange County Wedding Photography by Michael has helped California couples create memories of their special day for over 20 years. Thank you for visiting our Orange County  Wedding Photography website. Our primary goal is to give you the best wedding photography experience possible. Gorgeous, creative and romantic images to last a lifetime combined with our positive approach will make your wedding day memorable. Check out our affordable wedding  packages. We will also create a custom package to fit your specific needs and budget. We travel throughout the Southern California at no extra charge! View some of the wedding photographers best work at our Gallery page. We are also one of the premier photographers shooting weddings at SF City Hall . Check out our San Francisco City Hall Yelp page. To see more  sample albums and receive valuable information, click San Francisco City Hall packages

To determine our availability for your Orange County wedding, please go to our Planning Calendar and input your wedding date. We will contact and let you know our availability or answer any questions you have. By completing our form you can ask for details about our affordable packages and pricing.  We offer discounts on certain packages including Friday weddings, Sunday Weddings and military personnel.    One of the benefits of hiring an experienced professional photographer is that we will be happy to do a site visit with you to share thoughts and ideas to make your wedding photography experience perfect.  Site visits are no charge to contracting party!

An Orange County Wedding Photographer with Experience!

Michael has been a wedding photographer throughout the State of California since 1995. Mike's style provides you with a perfect blend of photojournalism combined with a traditional approach.  Most importantly, we make it a fun experience for both of you!  It's important to hire a wedding photographer you can trust and we have been earning that trust with over 1,300 weddings photographed in Northern and Southern California!   In 2017 we photographed 75 weddings and 2018 is looking even better! This experience has allowed us to work with couples from many cultures, including Catholic, Filipino, Indian, Greek,  Jewish, and Chinese to name a few!  Servicing cities such as Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Orange, Irvine and Pasadena.  We are offering some amazing discount pricing for Southern California engaged couples to help us get established in the area. Our packages are easy to understand and economical with no hidden charges. You may also check out our Facebook Wedding Photography page to see recent albums, packages and prices.

Affordable Orange County Wedding Photographer

Choose the Best Wedding Photographer for you

The difference with Orange County Wedding Photography is that we listen! We won't spend a lot of time time during your consultation explaining why we are the greatest. Instead, we make sure to question what is important to you.  This helps us get a feel for the type of  styles you are looking for. Set up a meeting with us and tell us what you want! We would also be happy to show you the various options we offer in albums such as Flush Mount and Matted.   We also specialize in in City Hall weddings so if you would like to take a look at some of our best weddings check out our San Francisco City Hall wedding photography page. 

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Affordable Orange County Wedding Photography

We are becoming established in the Orange County area, so we are willing to work within your budget and create a custom wedding photography package. A great opportunity because you will receive the benefit of our 20 plus years of experience at discount prices.  We understand how expensive it is to plan a full wedding and so let us help you make it a little easier.  Contact us and  provide your wedding photography budget and we will try to make it work for you.  We are committed to providing our clients the best Orange County Wedding photography experience possible and can't wait to hear from you.  Whether you are getting married in Santa Ana, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach or Anaheim to name just a few, we are ready to create an inexpensive package to fit your maximum budget.  To read more details about how to receive Affordable wedding photography from us, please click the link.

Wedding Photography Styles

We thought it would be helpful to explore some of the various styles of wedding photography currently out there.  It is useful because it will help you determine the differences between various photographer as you search for your perfect choice among Orange County vendors.

  • Photojournalism -  It is safe to say that many of today's wedding photographers consider themselves photojournalists.  Strictly defined, this style represents a candid approach to wedding photography.  The idea is to have little interaction with the bride and groom and focus on documenting the day's activities in a story telling style.  This should all be done in a creative way with a edgy look when possible.  Capturing emotion, hugs, and tears are all part of photojournalism.  On the flip side, some photographers who come under this category may not be as willing to spend time doing family photos and formal posed shots. 
  • Traditional -  This is the style that many people are familiar with from the "old days".  It involves taking mostly formal posed pictures with the subjects looking at the camera mostly.  The bride and groom will often present the photographer with a "shot list" that provides a list of preset photos including family pictures and certain poses and backgrounds.  A good traditional wedding photographer will also take some candid images, but the focus will be more on posed photos.  Photographers in this category spend a lot of time interacting with the bride and groom.
  • Illustrative - I look at this style as being a bit of a hybrid between traditional and photojournalism.  An illustrative wedding photographer takes the things they learned being more traditional and applies them towards photojournalistic images.  For example, if we were shooting bridal prep and we noticed that the bride was standing in a dark place in the room, we might suggest she move closer to the window.  We would still not  try to change the action, but would just try to make the action prettier.  Illustrative wedding photographers are always trying to make subtle changes to their candid shots with the goal of improving the lighting and posing.

How NOT to Choose a Wedding Photographer

1. Don't Ignore the Photographer's Personality.  Since you will spend the entire day with your wedding photographer, it is important to make sure you have good rapport.  When choosing a photographer look for a person who is courteous and will get along well with your family and friends.  Obviously, the wedding photographers talent and experience are super important, but don't ignore their potential for poor manners.  An ability to handle stress and yet stay pleasant is the key to a great wedding photographer.  Some photographers like to brag to their clients that they are like a "fly on the wall" at the wedding and that you will not know they are there.  If you want a wedding photographer who will catch all of the important moments, don't hire a fly!

2. Relying Solely on Vendor Referrals - I honestly feel that most wedding vendors do try to give you an honest assessment of another fellow vendor.  The problem is that most of them are only going by their personal experience with the person.  Just as an example, I have worked with a DJ who often refers me to his customers but has never actually viewed any of my photos.  He understands that I am nice to work with and friendly to my clients, but hasn't even seen a single wedding album I have produced.  Even worse is the fact that many wedding vendors trade referrals with no real knowledge of the photographers work.  This tells you nothing about the quality of the referral.  You are much better off talking to actual brides and grooms and getting referrals from them! Find out if that wedding photographer who was offering bargain pricing really delivered a low-cost package, but with nothing important left out!

3. Judging a Wedding Photographer mostly on a Compilation Album. There is nothing that tells you less then looking at a portfolio album of the photographers best images from 100's of weddings.  You should  Insist on viewing a sample album of one wedding shoot and make sure they show you at least 50 images.  This will give you a better feel about the style and quality of the photographers work.   

4. Confusing Packages and Pricing. If you are unable to understand the photographer's prices, keep looking. Package pricing, if flexible, is a good way to go. It gives you an idea of what the final cost with be and avoids final invoice surprises. Many times A la carte pricing can be misleading especially if certain things you assume are included are left out.  However, a photographer that only offers structured preset packages should also be avoided.  Try to find a company that will work with your budget constraints and give you exactly what you want. If none of the packages fits your needs, ask if you can do a custom package.  50% of my clients modify my existing packages to fit their needs and make it affordable for them.

5. Paying Attention to the Sales Presentation. - Any wedding photographer can talk for hours about why they are the best choice for you.  They can speak about their wonderful equipment and show you amazing images.  They will impress you with their  personality and explain their "vision" for your wedding pictures.  While some of this can be important,  it really tells you little about the photographer.  A good business person will utilize the time together to ask you questions and discover what YOU want.    Look for wedding photographers who ask you questions and discover what YOUR vision of the marriage is.  A 2-way conversation will result in a better match between the couple and  the photographer!

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Professional Lighting

What makes one wedding photographer stand out from another?  There are many things that separate the best wedding photographers from the pack, but we feel one of the most important factors is how they work with lighting, both natural and flash.  When interviewing perspective Orange County wedding photographers ask them how they handle situations where there is not enough available light to produce quality wedding photographs.  Do they use off-camera flash?  Do they set up room lights at your wedding reception?   These are all fair questions to ask your photographer and their answers will most likely reveal quite a bit about their knowledge of professional lighting techniques.  To me, it is almost a necessity to use room lights at a large wedding reception party.  A professional wedding photographer will know how to use the room lights in conjunction with their on-camera flash to produce premium quality images.  The use of room lights also gives the wedding photographer an opportunity to back light the subjects to provide more drama in the finished results.  You will hear many professional wedding photographers talk about how good they are at natural light photography.  This is definitely a valuable skill to possess, but what if there is no natural light?  In these situations, you need a professional who can use artificial lighting to best advantage.  Most importantly, they need to make your photos look like there is no flash being used.  This is the true key to effective wedding photography!  We provide our clients with all of this with inexpensive pricing.  Room lights, off camera flash and the most advanced flash techniques currently being used in the wedding industry today.